Welding equipment

We offer rental of Kemppi welding equipment, ESAB, ZASO for steel, and aluminum.


We have a wide range of equipment, which includes, among other things:

  • machines and tractors


- MSA-1 fillet weld profiles MAG


- MSA-T for welding butt welds and fillet arc
covered under the flux


- MSA- T4 wall welding, among others, tanks, the sides of ships,
structural walls, etc.


MSA Scorpio Micro to transport and determine the position of the standard burner
welding torch welding fillet welds

  • Kemppi semi-automaticMIG/ MAG
  • semi-automatic KEMPPI and ESAB - TIG
  • Kemppi welding sets and ESAB
  • welding device
  • the power source
  • feeders


Sets of welding equipment can be placed in special metal cabinets, which enables fast transfer of entire sets using a crane.

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