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C.T.C. can repair and convert ships of any type. We offer a wide range of repair services, including the following:


Steel works

New building of ship hulls and repair works, steel structures, steel plating and profiles cutting, steel bending, steel plating thickness measurements, tank leak proof testing.



Washing, cleaning, sandblasting, painting of all kinds of steel structures, tanks, etc.


Electrical works

Surveys, repairs and overhauls of electrical motors, generators and other shipboard electrical devices.


Pipe works

Cutting, bending, threading and welding pipes made of all types of materials, repair works on all units including pipelines, boilers and tanks.


Repairs of main and auxiliary engines

Repair of auxiliary equipment

Pumps, heat exchangers, centrifuges, filters, compressors and compressed air cylinders.



Valve seat grinding, valve head grinding, cylinder sleeve honing, crankshaft grinding


Repairs of screw propeller and propeller shafting

Rudders and steering gear repairs

Deck equipment repairs


Surveys, repair works

Hatch covers of all types, rigging, boat davits and lifeboats, gangway ladders, anchor chains and anchors, other shipboard machinery


Carpentry works

Ship supplies


Other works

Insulations, life boat lamination, boat repair works

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Mission of C.T.C. is offering you very high quality services