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C.T.C. is specializes in building:

  • new ships
  • ferries
  • river/sea multi-purpose container carriers
  • offshore vessels
  • bridges


Steel constructions

C.T.C. also builds steel constructions and is active in the offshore and civil engineering markets. Our yard makes steel constructions for:

  • bridges
  • ramps
  • linkspans
  • and others

We provide on site installation.



We have the technical and technological expertise required to build ship hulls and superstructures from:

  • carbon steel
  • high tension steel
  • stainless steel
  • aluminum alloy



Our production program is very flexible, and we can provide our Clients with:

  • completed ships
  • partially equipped hulls
  • ship sections
  • ship blocks
  • bridges
  • offshore constructions
  • and others constructions

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Mission of C.T.C. is offering you very high quality services