Marine structures

We offer fabrication of flat sections, curved sections and spatial and assembly units


  • Fabrication of flat sections

We have a possibility to make a plane ship sections weighing up to 24 tons and sizes limited only by transport capabilities.


Sections can be made of carbon steel and high strength and aluminum.


Plate welding operations are carried out using machines arc welding.


Stiffener welding is performed using automatic and semi-automatic fillet welding under flux.


  • Fabrication of curved sections and spatial

We are able to perform ship sections and curved space of up to 24 tons and sizes only limited transport capacity.


  • Mounting blocks

Assemble blocks weighing up to 3,500 tons of dimensions not exceeding 25 x 110 x 28 m (width x length x height). Installation is carried out on a bed slide at our waterfront. The block can be moved horizontally from the bed slide directly on the floating pontoon using MOVING HEAVY CONSTRUCTION operations.


Structures with larger sizes can be merged into the floating dock.

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