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We offer our services as an expert in the field of energy of waves at sea.


We are looking for partners interested in and want to get involved in the implementation of the production of our patented wave energy absorber (AEFM) used for organic production of electricity as well as looking to protect the coast from the ravages of the sea waves.


C.T.C. has knowledge and experience in the development of energy technologies with marine waves resulting from:

  • many years of experience in the design, construction and operation of vessels in the domestic and foreign enterprises,
  • participation in recent years as a consortium member in a European project for the construction and operation of the power plant, the test specimen plant using sea waves.


as well as the personal passion of some members of the staff of our company engaged in sailing and "sentient" potential and properties of sea waves.


As part of the above-mentioned European project on the basis of Danish design and technical design, performance documentation developed and built sea power. We participate in the trial operation of the device at the Danish North Sea coast realized by Wave Star Energy ( and know the strengths and weaknesses of the concept.

Using the experience gained, developed his own concept of wave energy absorber (AEFM), which is patented (no notification P.39642). According to our concept absorber is a device used to protect the edges and the generation of electricity and operates on an entirely different principle than the Danish power. AEFM a single farm energy afraid refined shape, erected and anchored flexibly at depths of 7 to 14m which is approximately 1 km from the coastline.


As the owner of the patent, our company within the scientific consortium knotted together with the Gdansk University of Technology, Institute of Hydraulic Engineering Sciences and the Institute of Electrical Engineering, coordinates research aimed at optimizing the parameters of the absorber and the energy conversion system and the implementation and testing of a prototype buoy.


Advantages of our solution over other known solutions are the following:


  • the use of both vertical and horizontal oscillations of the wave,
  • achieve the highest participation rate of the known mass of the working of the total,
  • obtaining additional essential function of which is to protect the coasts.


It is estimated that 1 km of protected coastline will be possible to supply energy from a clean and inexhaustible source of approx. 4 thousand. cottages.

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