Bending plates

We offer bending for plates on roller XZMP 3150/16 and using horizontal hydraulic bending machine  PYXM 250.

Roller allows straightening and bending plates with the following parameters:

  •        the maximum sheet width                                                             3150 mm
  •        the maximum thickness of the sheet (maximum width) of        16 mm
  •        minimum diameter of                                                                       550 mm

In the case of sheets having a width of less than 3150 mm it is possible to bend sheets with a greater thickness.

Rolled to plates of the above parameters can be given shapes:

  •        cylindrical
  •        conical

We are able to bend sheet to the template.

Using the horizontal hydraulic bending machine PYMX 250 with the pressing force of 250 tons, we can do:

  •        bending profiles
  •        sheet metal bending
  •        bending off sheet edge bending a length of 800mm

On request, we templates based on the documentation provided

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